Below are some readers’ comments on the articles on this site

On “The making of a climate skeptic”:

From Helping Business in Flintshire: “While researching green business opportunities, we also found a very good article which was pointing out some scientific facts which are not highlighted very often.”

CO2 Skeptics: “Although we would have liked the use of the phrase “The making of a CO2 Skeptic”, this is a great article from Paul MacRae.”

Heliogenic Climate Change: “How can so many be so wrong? Paul MacRae, an ex-journalist, now an academic, answers this question in an excellent post, “The making of a climate skeptic”.” “It is long, but it is very very good. Perhaps the most well-written piece that goes into detail about why we question the IPCC and why it is simply bad science from the get go.”

Derek: “As good an article as I’ve read.”

Stas Peterson: “This is a superb exposition, by a rhetoric professional, decoding rhetoric.”

Cain: “This is an excellent take-down of the current climate change “consensus”. Thanks for compiling this information and doing the legwork most people won’t do (including me).”

Andrew Reil: “You’ve created a truly excellent summary rebuke to the myth that global warming is settled science.”

On “How the Hadley Centre spins the data on non-warming”

Josh Maxwell: “Really enjoy your blog. Thanks.”

On “What has ‘consensus’ climate science got right?”

Roger Carr: “Balanced and enlightening.”

On “Climate change: Learning to think like a geologist”

Seth Furhmann: “Of all the research I’ve seen (especially on the relevance of a geological time scale) pertaining to global warming, this is simply the best.”

On: Consensus climate science: What would Thomas Huxley say?

Abraxas: This is the best refutal to global warming i have read.

Leon Broznya: A most fascinating read here.

Roger Carr: Thank you, Paul, for this cool disection of the great global warming plague inflicted upon the world by narrow cash and control interests.

Smokey: Kudos to Paul MacRae for an excellent article!

Bob Webster: A brilliantly constructed presentation of the foolishness of the “the debate is over” crowd.