My name is Paul MacRae. I’m an ex-journalist who has worked as an editor, editorial writer and columnist for several newspapers over the past 40 years, including The Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Bangkok Post, and Victoria Times Colonist. In 2002 I switched to academia and taught English and professional writing at the University of Victoria, University Canada West and Royal Roads University until 2020.

On this site you will find excerpts from and notes for my book on climate change entitled False Alarm: Global Warming—Facts Versus Fears.  You can read more about the book and why I decided to take on this topic on the About My Book page on this site. In addition, I’ve put in links to other sites that deal intelligently with the question of climate change from a skeptical perspective.

I can’t claim to be an expert on climate science. But, as a former journalist, I do claim an ability to know when the public is being told partial truths or falsehoods. Everything I have read since I began my research in 2007 convinces me more and more that most of what we, the public, have been told about global warming is misleading, exaggerated, or plain wrong, including the claim that the planet is warming (it didn’t from at least 1998 to 2013, and then only slightly after that).

This site also includes blogs I’ve written on climate change and other topics.

I hope you’ll enjoy the information on this site and I look forward to your comments. You can also get in touch with me at prmacraeATgmail.com (replace the ‘AT’ with ‘@’; this is to discourage gobots).

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